What is EVE

EVE is envisioned as a federation of centers bridging, with the aid of high-performance computing and AI, the information, knowledge and imagination gaps between the climate experts and the civil society.

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"Key knowledge and data gaps link to key components of transformative change. And this change needs to be driven by system transitions, transformative adaptation and climate-resilient development."


Who we are

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany
University of Hamburg, Germany
CLICCS, Germany
DKRZ, Germany

Stefan Adami
Hartwig Anzt
Zafer Aslan
Sabine Attinger
Johanna Baehr
Bob Bishop
Hendryk Bockelmann
Veronique Bouchet
Guy Brasseur
Carlo Buontempo
Pier Luigi Buttigieg
Junji Cao
Euan Casey
Christelle Castet
Yafang Cheng
Qing Dai
Ayantika Dey Choudhury
Peter Dueben
Dale Durran
Charles Ewen
Eleftheria Exarchou
Florencia Falkinhoff
Piers Forster
Ariane Frassoni
Claudia Frauen
Barbara Früh
Oliver Fuhrer
Shahzad Gani
Edwin Gerber
Debra Goldfarb
Jens Grieger
Rolf Herken
Bruce Hewitson
Chris Hewitt
Huang-Hsiung Hsu
Alexandra Jahn
Christopher Kadow
In-Sik Kang
Sarah Kang
Karthik Kashinath
Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw
Daniel Klocke
Uta Kloenne
Chihiro Kodama
Stefan Kollet
Jenni Kontkanen
Steve Kopp
Michal Koran
Thilo Körkel
Hanna Lappalainen
Fakhria Latifi
Bryan Lawrence
June-Yi Lee
Quentin Lejeune
Christian Lessig
Thomas Lippert
Peter Messmer
Kristel Michielsen

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